The History of Walton

In 1929 a group of local sportsmen, headed by Fred Speilmand, persuaded the city council to lease 120 acreas of land on which number 3 reservoir was located. In little more than a year the organization had 400 members and 22 private cottages, a club and a 6 hole golf course.

The first officers of the Walton Club:
*President-------------Fred C. Speilman
*Vice President------W. C. Harris
*Secretary------------Frank S. Cummings
*Treasurer------------Fred C. Johnson

In 1948 the club signed a 50 year lease with the city. On March 19, 1963 tragedy struck; the original frame clubhouse burned, with an estimated loss of over $50,000 and all of the clubs original history. Ten days later plans were under way for a new clubhouse, which was offically reopened on October 11, 1963.

In 1967 there were approximately 130 families who were golf members and 400 social members, enjoying the activities of golf, dancing and bridge. The dream of the original group of sportsmen was of a quiet fishing resort, to be enjoyed by family groups. The Walton Club became more of a conventional country club, fulfilling the needs of many Fairfield families and friends, which still holds true today.